Good morning, Fellas!

I am a person who love learning language. In this occasion, in this blog, I want to share my learning projects along with learning materials with you all.

I hope that those things could help us learning English better.

What do you think?
Do you want to join me?

This post is an opening or introductory part of this blog. Now, I am thinking of how do I share with you. I mean, like, the way to share it.

Are you prefer Bahasa Indonesia to English as our language of communication here?

If so, I will use Bahasa Indonesia.
But, I strongly recommend you to give lots of inputs during learning EFL. That way could help you better in understanding the language.

One of the way to get English inputs is by reading English texts.

In short, if you choose English as our language of communication in this blog, then you are one step closer to master English language.

What do you say, Fellas?
Please share your ideas in the comment section below!

Have a nice day!

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